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Marli Boutique Dubai

Maarli searches the world’s hippest resorts and beach clubs for the coolest boutique collections representing that laid-back, ‘polished-boho’ vibe. Think Ibiza festival goer meets Balinese yogi; Maarli evokes memories of carefree tropical holidays, undiscovered beaches, and priceless one-off boutique finds in hip, faraway places like Cape Town, Ibiza, The Gold Coast, Bali and California. 

Marli Boutique Dubai

Boho is the theme, yet not boho in the traditional sense. Polished boho is the Maarli woman. Her hair is carefully out of place, her clothes carelessly draped yet stylishly worn, her accessories coordinated yet eclectic. She’s all about colour, quirky prints, beautiful fabrics, ethnic embroidery, and even the occasional sequin. Simple designs, a pop of colour, embellishments are key. 

Maarli is as accessible as it is aspirational. We all want to have a little part of Maarli, to join the effortlessly cool crowd, to dance barefoot on the beach, to be spontaneous, to get those perfect beachy waves, that sun kissed glow.

Marli Boutique Dubai Fiona Falconer

Meet Maarli’s founder

With a PR background in fashion and beauty, Fiona has a passion for travel, exotic destinations and all things bohemian. Despite being from the cold and rainy North East of England, she has lived almost half her life in Dubai, making her practically a native, and with this lifestyle comes a natural love for all things beachy. 

Fiona combines her passion for Maarli with an equally strong love for her two children, her family and friends, and will often be found by the water, laptop in hand, striving for that work/life balance…

Marli Boutique Dubai